Align feet for power and accuracy a visual and tactile guide

"My son loves it. Thanks to ThrowMo for helping him realize how important lower half direction is!"

David Hale

Atlanta Braves Pitcher, Tee-Ball Dad/Coach

"Our pitching instructor tries to hide it for his program only! All our 10 & 12U coaches love it."

Terry Johnson

Field of Dreams Academy

"Love it! Start 'em early."

Chris Taylor

LA Dodgers Shortstop

"Awesome for young players – for throwing AND keeping hitters' strides direct to the pitcher. We've seen more barrel contact and better balance."

Hughes Page

UVa Pitcher, Founder of Up Next Baseball

"A great tool to define the 'lane' that the lower half must travel. And if your feet land correctly, everything above works correctly."

Al Coleman

Siena College Pitcher, Strength & Conditioning Trainer

"Makes the foundation easy to teach. Instead of kids not knowing if their footwork is alright, they see and feel it."

Tom Flynn

Rider University Pitcher, 8U Coach

"ThrowMo is that visual aid that focuses kids on the lower half of their body, which they overlook."

Dan Conway

Catholic University Pitcher, 11U Coach

"Worked like a charm. Our son was stepping (and throwing) wide left. After a few minutes on ThrowMo, it clicked – he started throwing perfectly.”

Tommy and Sarah Binion

Parents of 7yo

"Immediately transformed my son's throwing motion. ThrowMo saved us countless hours."

Brian Kadish

Tee-Ball Coach, Parent of 5yo

"Its brilliance is simplicity. Step towards the target, or fall off the strip."

George Troutman

12U Coach

"A bullpen essential. ThrowMo dramatically sped up our pitchers' development."

Brandon Guyer

Cleveland Indians Outfielder, 8U Coach

  • Get Perpendicular

    Get Perpendicular

    Visual stance footprints cue young throwers to start right every time

  • Stride on Line (with Eyes Up)

    Stride on Line (with Eyes Up)

    Tactile alignment pad lets kids feel if they're stepping on line – with eyes on the target. Gap promotes optimal stride length

  • Follow Through

    Follow Through

    1.5" height allows trail leg to follow through and land balanced on the ground

Dramatic Improvement

Even talented young throwers often step offline, making their throws inconsistent. ThrowMo shows kids what good form feels like and reinforces it with each rep.

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With a partner or net, kids can grab and use their ThrowMo for hours, self-correcting and developing ideal habits on their own.

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Intuitive Learning

Standing perpendicular and striding on line can be confusing and abstract. ThrowMo makes it intuitive.

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  • At-Home and On-Field

    ThrowMo enables year-round improvement at home, while kids play catch or work with a rebound net. Coaches can incorporate ThrowMos into team warm-up catch routines to teach and reinforce good habits.

  • Easy to Use

    There's nothing to assemble, no apps to download - just open your ThrowMo and start throwing. The simple visual guides and tactile feedback make good form clear and satisfying to kids and parents alike.

  • Stable on Any Surface

    The nonslip rubber backing and flexible foam padding keep the ThrowMo stable on any surface where you would play catch, from grass to dirt to pavement.

  • Lightweight and Durable

    ThrowMo is light and folds. Carry five to practice and hang one in your garage for catch at home! ThrowMo withstands weather and rugged use by energetic kids, season after season.