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ThrowMo Trainer

ThrowMo Trainer

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The breakthrough tool to accelerate your young thrower's learning curve and achieve consistent power and accuracy.

ThrowMo's key feature is its alignment pad: kids can feel if they're stepping on line to the target while keeping their eyes on the target, too. Visual stance footprints cue them to start in the right position every time. Cleat-proof, non-slip, and portable, use it on any surface and move it around the field. 


  • Cleat-proof polyethylene turf
  • Color: blue for visibility on grass or dirt
  • Permanent tufted-in visual markings
  • Durable and weather-resistant EVA foam padding for shock absorption, accommodates uneven terrain
  • Nonslip rubber backing for stability
  • 1 inch total height allows players to notice if their front foot lands on or off the alignment pad, and is low enough for the trail leg to follow through and land balanced and avoid injuries
  • Total length of 4.5 feet accommodates average stride lengths from ages 4-12
  • Folds for easy transportation
  • Handles for carrying and storage
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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Coach Ryan Pryor
Pryor baseball farm powered by throw mo

Like the product and has perfect application with our drills and teaching here at the Pryor Baseball Farm . We look forward to helping more kids throw and pitch wit the throw mo training aid here at the farm

Growing better players and coaches !



Jason Snell
My kids love this.

It’s so simple yet so effective. My son has used it for the first time today and the visualization that is created by the arrows and feet positioning has created great fundamental basics for the foot work needed to build great pitching biomechanics. The personalized card when we received our purchase was genuinely appreciated touch. Thank you.

Chad Hoffman
Great Throwing Tool

We purchased the ThrowMo after our daughter used it at her baseball practices in the fall of 2023.

It is a great tool that allows players to really understand their throwing mechanics, and what their bodies should be doing throughout the entire throwing motion.

I have implemented the ThrowMo into my team's training/practices this spring and the kids love it. I can see that the kids are growing as throwers after having used the ThrowMo based on their mechanics, strength and accuracy.

I plan on continuing to use the ThrowMo in my trainings/practices, and exploring its diversity by doing fielding drills with the ThrowMo so that players can practice maintaining their throwing mechanics in a game situation where they have to move, pick up the ball, and then go into their throwing motion.

I also plan on using the ThrowMo with batters who have a tendency to open up when they swing. Because the ThrowMo is linear, it should allow batters to learn the muscle memory necessary to stride towards the pitcher when batting, and eliminate the batter from opening up.

I 100% recommend the ThrowMo to anybody who has a child who plays baseball, football, or any other sport where they have to throw. Great tool.

Terry Johnson - Field of Dreams Academy
Great Teaching Tool - Proper Throwing Mechanics and Body Positioning

The ThrowMo Trainer is an excellent training tool! I purchased it for our 10u and 12U teams, and our coaching staff loves it!
Our coaches are able to incorporate various drills to improve our players throw mechanics and understand the importance of getting your body in the right position to make that play!
Our pitching instructor tries to hide it for his training program only! Lol