Designed by Coaches for Their Own Kids

Our journey with ThrowMo didn't begin as a business endeavor; it started with a simple desire to help our kids become better throwers.

Co-founder David, a father and coach, faced the challenge that all youth coaches encounter: young throwers need constant reminders and hands-on assistance to throw correctly. Many won't naturally stand perpendicular and step straight toward the target. David tried drawing lines on the field to show proper foot alignment, but that caused bigger problems: kids looked down at the lines and away the target.

So, David sketched what an ideal training tool would look like. It would provide tangible feedback, allowing young throwers to feel in their feet whether they were stepping on target while keeping their eyes on the target at the same time. Alan, co-founder and engineer, brought this sketch to life with the first prototype.

The kids loved it. They formed eager lines to use it repeatedly. Their throwing skills improved dramatically, and their confidence soared. They started to truly enjoy the sport. 

Through this journey, David and Alan discovered that ThrowMo breaks through the common hurdles of learning to throw—confusion, bad habits, and the cycle of nagging and frustration. Instead, it offers clarity and tangible feedback, fostering success, confidence, and ultimately enhancing the enjoyment of the game. We collaborated with high-level coaches and young throwers to fine-tune the design, driven by our passion for making learning sports fun and effective.

Our Mission: Pass the Torch

We want to help parents and coaches pass on the life-changing power of sports to our children. We are grateful to our own parents and coaches for taking time to play with us, teaching us skills that made us feel talented, and building our willpower.

We want our children to experience the bond of playing catch, the joy of losing themselves in a game they love, and the thrill of a team victory. We also want our children to face struggles, to be resilient, and to experience the payoff of dedication.

We start with a training tool that empowers kids to understand the goal, to self-correct as they work toward it, and to enjoy the process.